Surviving Kensington

:: behind the photos of ‘Kensington Blues’

What used to be a proud blue-collar neighborhood in Philadelphia is now a deteriorating haven for drugs, crime, and prostitution. Kensington is famous for the place to get your fix; and for the place you end up stuck when you’ve let your vices get the best of you.  

For the last five years, Philly-based photographer Jeffrey Stockbridge has been taking intimate portraits of current residents (‘survivors’) in Kensington. But the stories he finds here aren't just about Philly: Jeffrey's photographs and raw interviews show a side of the desperation, hopelessness, and broken dreams that plague America's addicts across the country.  

Through a walk with Jeff on the Avenue, we get a glimpse of what it's like to survive on Kensington.

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Directed by Mo Scarpelli
Photography + Audio recordings by Jeffrey Stockbridge
Cinematography + Editing by Mo Scarpelli

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