Tinder In

Belgian Artist Dries Depoorter places peoples LinkedIn and Tinder profile pictures side by side: 

Quote: http://driesdepoorter.be/tinderin

Side by Side profile pictures of LinkedIn & Tinder of the same person. Series existing out of 10 photo frames.

 To question and challenge privacy issues, i’ve used examples from my surroundings as well as examples from my personal life (as I do in many of my projects). With this, I do not have the intention to expose any person in particular. My intention is to mock privacy in general. I want to expose what can be exposed so easily without us realizing it. From now on, I will continue this project without anyone being recognisably pictured. 
 The online discussion that erupted since the project went online, shows that you don’t need anyone’s permission to debunk someone’s ‘apparent’ privacy. It is interesting to see that this project effectively shows how people think about being visible online, even though in dailiy life, people hardly seem to be concerned. 

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