Spot The Sniper

Photographer Simon Menner asked the German military if he could create a photo series. The sniper is aiming at the camera and therefore at the viewer. Don't worry if you're unable to spot them - it's hard.

There is a bigger boulder in the lower left corner. Sniper is straight up from there, where the colour of the stones changes from light to dark.

Sniper on the right side in the fir branch scrub.

Sniper behind the sapling in the left center of the image.

Sniper right of the small path. Slightly uphill inside the small bushes.

Sniper on the right side, behind the grass and below the small trees in the foreground.

Sniper on the far right side of the group of trees just outside the shadow.

Sniper standing upright in the small fir tree to the left.


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