The Largest Vinyl Record Collection in the World:

Meet Zero Freitas, (62)is a wealthy Brazilian businessman who has spent most of life amassing a collection of "several million" vinyl records.

"I’ve gone to therapy for 40 years to try to explain this to myself," he said when speaking to theNYTimes. "Maybe it's because I was alone… I don’t know." According to the NYTimes article, his obsession is tied up with his childhood memories of his father playing records. When he finished high school, he had already built up a collection of over 3,000 records. He now stores them in a 25,000 square-foot warehouse in Sao Paulo.
Aware that the collection is largely useless if people aren't able to access it, Freitas has now begun preparing the Emporium Musical - a non-profit organisation which will act as a music library, with listening stations set up amongst the shelves. He's also on a mission to digitalise as much of the collection as possible, as up to 80% of Brazilian music recorded in the 20th-century is yet to be transferred. "It’s very important to save this," he said. "Very important."

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