Spider sculpts giant replica of self:

A likely new species of arachnid has been discovered with the astonishing ability to "print" an elaborate version of itself to scare away predators. Though other species in the Cyclosa genus make crude decoys, they pale next to the level of detail shown by the newfound spider, which even shakes its webs to make the faux-arthropod creations look more lively. Spotted in a Peru rainforest by biologist Phil Torres, the tiny artisan creates its icky oeuvres using old egg sacs, vegetation and insect carcases in lieu of PLA, crafting canny maxi-me versions complete with features like legs (count 'em in the scary example above). According to samples snapped by Torres at the source, it seems to show a level of self-awareness that might give you pause before your next squish.
[Image credit: Phil Torres] engadget.com

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