MusixCube from Stefan Horak


The MusixCube concept design is an innovative music controlling tool created by industrial designer Hauke Scholz at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design. The design incorporates inspiration from the ever so popular Rubik’s Cube 3-D mechanical puzzle.
MusixCube is hand-held tool designed to work in conjunction with music production software and hardware, the controller is constructed using forty pressure-sensitive OLED-screens. Part of the project’s aim is to get music producers off the computer and enable them to produce music with their hands.
According to Scholz, ”By tilting, turning the single segments and other moves, the user can affect parameters, sequence samples and trigger effects. Additionally, you can also create loops and play sounds which previously have been assigned to the different pads and fx-slots. After arranging some songs, the user can work with at least two cubes for a live performance and to mix their own music.

MusixCube from Stefan Horak on Vimeo.


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